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Media Law Resource Center’s Internet Law Committee is keeping an online list of libel and related lawsuits against bloggers.
The list also includes links to articles reporting on these cases, and court decisions when available.
In the case of Ohio v. Baumgartner, two bloggers were held on charges of intimidation, retaliation and possession of criminal tools (a computer).
In Wisconsin: Miranda v. Sykes there was a $5000 settlement after a radio talk show host posted and responded to a listener’s email on his blog. He removed it a few hours later when he learned the email contained factual errors. But the posting was still available via “enterprising Internet search” three months later.
Most distressing: U.S. Army: U.S. v. Clark (U.S. Army Ct. Martial 2005). In July, the U.S. Army demoted and fined Arizona National Guardsman Leonard Clark for publishing “classified” information on a blog (now inactive) set up by friends. It featured recordings of his phone calls from Iraq criticizing the war. This year the military began requiring enlisted personnel to register their blogs with superiors.
via Nancy Wolff Esq.