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hire_norm.pngNorm Elrod started his blog “Jobless and Less” to share what it’s like to be out of work during the downturn, with few prospects. He’s been laid off four times in the past eight years, he knows the subject well. So he decided to share his experiences, as well as tips, articles, news and the occasional music post. “So pay attention,” he says, “because in this economy you might be next.”
I don’t know Norm from Adam, but I feel for him, and I bet you will too once you read his blog. Anyone could become the next jobless blogger.
Ok people, how can we help Norm get a job? Download his resume here. Got a job for him? Know one that would suit him? Hire Norm Elrod!
Elrod and other unemployed bloggers are creating a community for around the fear, anger, hopes, anxieties, that come with the territory. He’s also got a layoff tracker of places not to send your resume. He jokes there:
Total Layoffs Announced… 428,206
Total Jobs Left in the World… 24.2
In an email exchange after he pitched me, Elrod said

“Well, I had a job interview the other that didn’t go so well… And I received 2 job rejections today. But at least people are responding, which is better than being ignored.”

Elrod’s not alone. The Wall St Journal Laid Off and Looking follows eight out-of-work professionals as they look for new jobs in a post-meltdown world; The Unemployment Cafe is an anonymous unemployment journal; Matthew Bottkol and Todd Eisney bring us Unemployment Haiku Weekly, and John Henion and Tania Khadder’s Unemploymentality chronicles the lifestyles of the penniless and downtrodden in what they call the “definitive unemployment blog”.