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jane_virgin_promo.jpgTaking pimping to a whole new level, and getting a bunch of publicity in the process, Jane Magazine is using social media to get itself and a wanna-be celeb some attention. Sarah DiMuro a 29 year-old standup comic who says she wants to lose her virginity before she’s 30 in November, is featured in a Jane campaign that uses social media tools to help her achieve her “goal.”
The campaign includes a blog, “The Virgin Chronicles,” a video, the opportunity for readers to nominate dates for her, one for readers to check out the guys who are the prospects, a place to vote on them and a (not very busy) forum to kiss and tell about your own first time.
What!? No eBay auction? No MySpace page? No SecondLife island?
The campaign made the Lowdown gossip column in the Daily News today, where Lloyd Grove says the campaign is a “PR bonanza” for the magazine.