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giant_cock.jpgSteve Hall, whose best headline today is “Giant Cock Terrorizes Britain,” has a great rant about blog advertising. It proves that there actually are people more cluesless about blogs than flaks.
Hall rants about an “eager request from an ad network sales rep.” It said:
Currently we are looking to sell some traffic but we do buy traffic so feel free to make us an offer. We specialize in Pop-under, Floating Ad, and Interstitial formats and work on CPM, CPC, and specialty CPA terms. E-mail me back or give us a call so we can perhaps discuss getting a campaign going with you. Hope to hear from you soon.”
“… at least for me,” Hall says, “talking about the selling and buying of online advertising, which, when done right, involves targeting contextually, behaviorally and demographically, among other things, as if it were all just traffic greatly devalues the medium and its capabilities as an advertising channel.”
Agencies and corporations live and die by metrics. Granted, blogs need more standardized metrics measurement in general. But blog advertising already provides real-time stats and incredible bargain rates for very targeted audiences.
You can’t throw traditional in-your-face advertising at blog readers. Successful blog advertising requires a totally different approach.
A good start is to read 50 blogs a day for a month before sending out stupid emails to bloggers.