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great_fence.jpgThis is a great time for fence builders. Fences suddenly seem to be the solution to every problem from Mexico to Iraq and now to Central Park.
Ron Barrett has a hilarious Op Art piece in today’s NY TImes about East Siders wanting to build a fence to keep West Siders from crossing to their side of Central Park, and using the National Guard to patrol the bridal path.
In Manhattan, neighborhoods view themselves as rivals. You can live on one side of the street and be in Spanish Harlem and on the other side be in Carnegie Hill, and each side will have disdain for the other. The East Side is known for pouffy little white dogs, while the “real dogs” live on the West side of the park. Benny thinks of himself as a downtown kid, which is how I will always think fo myself even though I’ve been in the wilds of the Upper East since 9/11 rendered us homeless. We hope to go back home to downtown soon.