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red_cross_RSS.jpgNot-for-profits have been slow to join the new media revolution, but Ike Pigott come up with a tool that ought to encourage many of them to get a move on. Pigott does marketing for the Red Cross, and he has launched a custom-branded RSS reader, which comes pre-loaded with links to the chapter’s local Community Alert pages for the American Red Cross in Birmingham and the local EMA.
Pigott says:

“It’s primarily targeted for the media, and will be a great asset the next time we have a huge disaster response. But since all of the information is public, we’re also pushing it to local municipalities, our board, and anyone else who has a vested interest in knowing about pending emergencies.”

Key: the whole thing is designed to be seamless enough that the average user might still not realize they are using RSS.
Kudos Ike! Sure anyone can get a free RSS reader online, but this demonstrates why RSS is such an important tool for communicators. And the software for making your own is free.
I don’t know how I could get through my day, or keep up with the volumes of information I follow, without RSS.