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earthlings.jpgBy B.L. Ochman More than a few Second Lifers are feeling like the owners of mom & pop variety stores in small towns invaded by Wal-mart or Home Depot. This rant in Second Life Herald is vitriolic, but not wrong.
This is not to say that there is no creativity left in any agency or corporation, because clearly Nissan, Wells-Fargo, Adidas, Sun and Reuters are doing some very interesting Second Life marketing. But critics are certainly right that the vast majority of traditional marketers are totally clueless about the Internet in general and social media in particular. Otherwise, how could you explain the fact that so many sites are still full of flashing banner ads and spiders and roaches racing across articles you’re trying to read? (Did you ever click on one of those? I sure haven’t)
Turnaround is fair play: Why don’t some Second Life marketers have an in-world conference for RL marketers and tell us how they think we should be proceeding. Cause I guarantee you one thing: more big companies are coming to your world soon.

The Second Life Herald’s most recent hissy fit about RW companies calling their entries into the metaverse “firsts.” says:

“Where we come from it is not merely bad ettiquette [sic] to falsely claim a “first” and ignore three years of pioneering hard labor by the people you are supposedly trying to market to, it is something of a crime to take credit for what others have done, and it is no less a crime to give credit to late-coming billion dollar corporations for what hard working people did all on their own many times over for three years. Until you learn that keep the fuck out of my way.” says UrizenusSklar.

(He’s right, and Wikipedia lists actual firsts in Second Life)
Adrants publisher Steve Hall comments on that post:

“I would be more than eager to speak with you or anyone else who might help me shed some informed light upon the dim witted ad community so that things might be set straight before the ad stampede begins as it inevitably will just it it does with every new thing.”

Me too.