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times_picane.jpgHuffington Post has built up an enormous community of commenters to its posts. I was astounded to see “Dems On Bush’s Katrina Disaster: He’s “Oblivious, In Denial, Dangerous,” – posted late yesterday – has already gotten more than 600 comments. Very few are favorable to Bush.
Bush’s Visit Stopped Three Tons Of Food From Being Delivered To Starving New Orleans has 587 comments so far.
Illustrating Blogging’s Social Power
This is a clear demonstration of the community element of blogging that makes the new medium so revolutionary. As Business Week’s Blogspotting points out, the trouble with message boards is that the chatter rarely stays on topic.
Despite what some purists may think about comment moderation, blog commenters focus or don’t get published. That makes the conversation more valuable and strengthens the impact of the messages.