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tweetiebird.pngSocial networks come and go, but Twitter has staying power. Even though it has frequent technical problems, Twitter is a vibrant community which has become an important network for business intelligence, news, and camaraderie for me and the tweeters I follow and who follow me.
Some people consistently write Twitter posts that inform, break news, engage, or raise thoughtful questions.
Others tell us what they’re having for lunch or when they’re going to work out. Or what cute thing their cat is doing now. Yawn.
Here are some winning practices of top tweeters:
1. Don’t be pedantic. We don’t care what you’re eating for lunch, or that you just woke up.
2. Don’t use Twitter just to pimp your blog posts.
3. Don’t rant (unless you are Vaspers.)
4. Don’t pimp your clients all day
5. Don’t over-tweet. If you need half a dozen tweets to make your point, do one that points to a blog post.
6. Don’t share breaking news that you can’t confirm.
7. Do link to interesting articles, sites, blog posts.
8. Do continue your conversation with another tweetie offline after a couple of @someone tweets
9. Do include links in as many of your posts as possible.
10. Don’t be dull.
11. Do pick up the phone and call tweeties with whom you interact often.
12. Answer and ask questions.
13. Be polite
14. Don’t be boring.
15. Don’t be overly critical of other people’s points of view.
16. Don’t be promiscuous with the “Follow” button. There are only so many hours in a day.
17. Don’t feel bad about blocking people. You don’t have to let everyone and his dog follow you. Twitter is a network, the benefit should be two-way.