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maze.pngI’m on a quest to simplify my media consumption by finding the best online sources for what I and my clients need to know.
Everyone I talk to tells that me he or she also is drowning in information. And every time you turn around there’s more yet news and information coming at you from what ValleyZen aptly calls “the media firehose.”
I’ve been asking top bloggers to share their essential research tools, and am astounded at how information some of them consume. Here are some new resources I’ve been using:
o DoshDosh has a great list of online information resources
o Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop tracks blogs, social media sites, traditional media and much more by categories. The down side: you can’t add your own sites to it or re-arrange the lists. There’s no explanation of the criteria for inclusion on the lists.
o Brijit abstracts summarize, review and rate long-form content from a huge array of traditional and online sources. Content comes from editors and from community members who are paid (minimally) to write abstracts.
How are you keeping up with the news flow? Your list of best sources is most welcome.