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vance4.jpgMy friend Ben Humphreys’ eyesight has been deteriorating since birth. He’s legally blind, but he runs He’s fully mobile thanks to Vance “Magoo” Humphreys, the guide dog he got last year from Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
That’s the same place my Sammy came from after he was released from the guide dog program 12 1/2 years ago because he “lacked self confidence.”
Ben is grateful for Vance and so he put a page on his site where people can make a contribution to Guiding Eyes so other blind people can be helped.
Ben’s site lets people file tax extensions online and many thousands of us procrastinators will file there before April 15. He figures that even if only a small percentage donate to Guiding Eyes through his site, that’ll still be a nice chunk of change for the Guide Dog Program.
Click here to make a donation. It costs $40,000 to train one Guide Dog, and Guiding Eyes is privately funded. Dogs are free to blind people. Your contribution is tax deductible, natch.