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pale_Male_nest.jpgProtests may have made no impact on the national election, but intense public pressure seems to have convinced the coop board of 927 Fifth Avenue, to let high-rise hawks Pale Male and Lola move back to the 12th floor of the building where Pale Male has lived for 10 years.
The coop board agreed to have an architect study ways to let the hawks re-build the nest that the board destroyed a week ago. Ever since their nest was ripped out, the pair have flown frantically in circles and brought twigs to the former nest, only to have the wind blow them away.
Astoundingly, the nest that was ripped outweighed 200 pounds according to Associated Press and was 8 feet by 3 feet, about the same square footage as many New York studio apartments. Pale Male has had four mates and 23 chicks there.
Protest was immediate and ongoing. “We did not fully appreciate the importance of these birds to the people of this city,” Richard Cohen, president of the building’s co-op board, and Paula Zahn’s husband told the Daily News. Duh!
Time is of the essence for the birds because January, when they mate, is around the corner.

“Pale Male’s decision to make the cliff-dwellings of the Big Apple his home in 1993 was an awesome complement to New Yorkers. He gave them a chance to observe a slice of raw nature up close,” said BusinessWeek Online. “He is, in his way, a true Master of the Universe, and he should be welcomed as one.”
Sadly, the last time hare-brained humans kicked Pale Male out, he re-built but didn’t mate for two years.
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