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sam_puppy.jpgA 60-pound mutt who saved his owner from a would-be rapist in Central Park is going to be honored as the hero he is by North Shore Animal League according to the Daily News (That’s a picture of my hero, not hers, since I’ll to use any excuse to show pictures of Sammy.)
The woman, 30, was grabbed from behind by a thug as she walked with her dog shortly before 9 a.m. near 102nd Street and 5th Avenue. She fought him, but was being overpowered when her dog sprang into action and bit the assailant on the face (you go boy!) and leg. The attacker ran away leaving a trail of his blood, and DNA, behind. A police sketch of the assailant accompanies the Daily News story.
While newspaper accounts described the area as deserted, it generally is not, making the attack that much more frightening. Sam and I often walk along or near the area where the attack happened. There generally are many other dogs and their owners in the area at that time because dogs are allowed off-leash in Central Park before 9 a.m. Tuesday, when the attack occurred, we were not far away, but heard and saw nothing. Scary.