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On Monday night, a woman dressed as a nurse walked into a maternity ward in a Quebec hospital, told the mother she needed to weigh the baby, and took a 16-hour-old infant from her mother. Thanks to social media and four quick-thinking teens, the story had a happy ending.

Instead, police say, the woman whisked the baby into her car and drove off.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 4.51.33 PMPolice in Trois-Rivieres issued an Amber Alert, which was posted on social media and seen by four teens on Facebook. The Amber Alert contained details of the missing baby, a photo of the possible suspect taken from a security camera and a description of her vehicle, a red Toyota Yaris.

The teens recognized the woman in the photo and knew where she lived. They drove to her apartment, noted that someone was home, and called the police – who arrived two minutes later and broke down the door to rescue the infant.

Baby Victoria was returned to her parents within hours after the abduction. “It was a beautiful moment,” according to CBC News. “The police officer cried, the nurses cried, the investigators cried, and all the doctors too — everyone was so happy with the outcome.”

As for the alleged 21-year-old kidnapper: she’s undergoing psychiatric evaluation.