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googleobamaad.jpgAs you know if you read this blog, either here or in an RSS feed, I’m a big supporter of President Obama. The post in the photo is praising Obama for putting his weekly address on YouTube. And if you click on the permanent link to the post, what you’ll see is an ad for a group of right wing nutjobs called Citizens United, who are anti-Obama. Thanks Google, is that your idea of contextual advertising. It’s definitely not mine.
Said Luke Armour in an email today: “Thought it was an interesting juxtaposition, the comedy and tragedy faces of Obama. Makes you wonder at all times, “do you know what Google is doing to your web pages?”
I banned all the nuts’ URLs, and realized that I need to pay closer attention to the Google ads on my blog. Sadly, their ad preview tool doesn’t work on a Mac. Doh.
This reminds me of the article I wrote for Internet Day in 2000 with the headline “The Traditional Press Release is Dead”. On that page: a huge ad for PR Newswire. :>)