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According to a Google press release, Google has acquired DoubleClick, provider of ad metrics and digital marketing technology, for the princely sum of $3.1 billion.
What the release says: “The acquisition will combine DoubleClick’s expertise in ad management technology for media buyers and sellers with Google’s leading advertising platform and publisher monetization services.
The combination of Google and DoubleClick will offer superior tools for targeting, serving and analyzing online ads of all types, significantly benefiting customers and consumers.”
What the release means, “All your ads are belong to us.” (via Steve Rubel twitter post)
What it also does is impose the cost per thousand metric model on virtually all Internet advertising. Blog advertising via Blogads is sold by the week, month, quarter. Doubleclick and other blog ad networks charge a more traditional cost per thousand.
Problem: for blog advertising, the traditional model does not take into account the essence of blogs, which is influence. Sometimes, a blog with a small number of readers, and therefore not many thousands of impressions to sell, is actually more influential than a blog with more readers.
I have seen this repeatedly in the high-yield, cost-effective blog advertising I have placed for clients including Cendant, American Greetings and Simon & Schuster.
It is likely, therefore, to be a bumpy road for blog advertising in the short run, yet to offer even better ROI for blog advertisers. Stay tuned.