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goDaddy.jpgWhether or not GoDaddy’s banned Super Bowl ad was good or bad (I thought it was offensive)is beside the point. GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons is being talked about everywhere from the New York Times to adrants.
Parsons’ blog called Hot Points gives his version of what happened when FOX (that hot bed of objectivity) pulled GoDaddy’s ads. The NFL, he says, persuaded FOX to pull the $2.4 million of pre-approved ads.
No matter who did what to whom, or why, two things are important:
1- Hot Points is the type of CEO blog we’re going to see more and more companies using to tell their side of stories
2- If the whole thing was a pre-planned GoDaddy marketing stunt, it was totally cool because everyone is talking, giving the company far more than its $2.4 million worth of attention.