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gimme.jpgGimme Your Stuff is a new blog that wants to foster cultural exchange by encouraging people to “swap items of significance to your area with items from others around the world. ” Talk about armchair travel!
A blogger in Australia swapped Milo for texmex; someone in California offers local food for Tasmanian honey; Dave in Austin, TX posts an offer of DVDs of vintage John Wayne movies and a Brooks B5N saddle.
HowGimme Your Stuff works:

“1) Create a post on your blog indicating what you’d like to swap, make sure you add a link to us too!
2) Add your link to our list of cultural ambassadors on the right.
3) Click other people’s links to see what’s going, and contact them to organise your exchange.
4) Receive your cultural exchange and email us your pic and amazingly fantastic story.”

The best , they promise, “will be published whenever we get around to it.”