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laser_leyboard.jpgOooh, oooh, me want virtual keyboard.
I’m never going to get used to people with headsets walking down the street talking and laughing in a way that makes them absolutely indistinguishable from babbling lunatics who don’t have cell phones. And pretty soon, people will be hooking up this virtual keyboard to their cell phones and PDAs and typing on table tops and boxes and any other flat surface, all of which is bound to look mighty strange.
ThinkGeek is sold out of Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface. You can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds.
You can use it to compose an e-mail on your bluetooth enabled PDA or Cell Phone. With 63 keys and and full size QWERTY layout the Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard… in a size a little larger than a matchbook. It retails for $180. Me want mine now!