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nuclear.gifHenry Copeland reports that Dick Bell, former blogmeister for the Kerry campaign, now Friends of the Earth media director, ordered an anti-nuke blogad campaign entitled Nuke Retro to run on blogads “Advertise Liberally” network of 59 blogs.
FOE’s press release announcing the campaign says “ is funny. Pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into support for the wealthy nuclear power industry would not be funny.”
The buy is testimony to the growing popularity of blog advertising, which provides advertisers with a cost-effective way to reach tightly focused niche audiences. Advertisers ignoring this medium are missing a golden opportunity to reach target markets that are not yet totally ad saturated. In a few years, blogs will be as big an ad medium as print and websites are today.
Copeland says he’s still waiting for a full-run buyer to step up for blogads’ conservative blog network.