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fresh_direct_logo.pngRumor has it that Fresh Direct the drop-dead wonderful online grocer who has kept me out of old-fashioned grocery stores for the past two years, is about to get a direct competitor. But their name is so ridiculous – Bread & Brie – that they won’t stand a chance unless they change it.
The one thing Fresh Direct does wrong, and that is universally hated by their customers – is use so many boxes. Yesterday, I got a carton that contained only a package of cottage cheese. There’s gotta be a better way to stem the waste of resources.
Nonetheless, the new guys would have to come over and cook dinner to get me to switch. Should be an interesting battle heating up soon in New York City.
I do, by the way, also shop at Trader Joe’s and schlep their great stuff home on the subway, but it’s to fill in with goodies, not for basics. Those are Fresh Direct all the way.