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Generation Y, 18 to 26 year-olds, are leading an array of online activities including social computing and online banking, according to a new study by Forrester Research, “The State of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2006.”
Members of Gen Y tend to spend average of 12.2 hours online each week — 28 percent more than their Gen-X counterparts, who are ages 27 to 40, and who spend the most in online retail.
Last year, Gen X households accounted for over one-third of all online purchases, compared to Younger Boomers, accounting for about a fourth, and Older Boomers, who account for about a fifth. Gen Y trailed with less than one-tenth of the total.
Forrester also reported bad news for AOL: it’s “the only search engine used by more seniors and older boomers than Gen Y-ers and Gen X-ers.”
The study was based on a mail survey of almost 67,000 North American households