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Ewww! Call PETA right now and fire the jerk that came up with this truly disgusting idea. It’s clearly a new example of sub-viral marketing, in which companies set up their own campaigns that seem to be created by an Internet prankster. Then they have their PR firm spread the word about the supposed spoof. Well Ford is really over the top on this one and it’s sure to backfire on them.
AdRants reports on an “un-approved” ad for Ford SportKa that has found its way virally to market. In an “approved” ad the SportKa kills a pigeon that’s trying to land on the hood. In this one, a catgets its head cut off by the car’s sunroof. Yecch. Blecch! Disgusting! View it at Viralmeister (who sounds like a pretty sick guy himself, saying he wished they had included a close-up of the cat.)
Ford says the concept is “abhorrent” saying, “It was done as a proposal somewhere deep down in the bowels of the agency. As soon as we saw it we said absolutely not. We are appalled – this is not something we want to be associated with.”
But this sounds too much like the Puma pornographic ad flap that turned out to be an ad produced by their agency. And the Mastercard blowjob ad that is also said to have been produced by their agency.
The goal of sub-viral campaigns is to lodge brands in consumers