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Two of my clients who are now blogging demonstrate how blogs can help expand the reach of niche Websites. I’m helping them learn effective blog post and headline writing; the use of links and blog rolls; how to get listed in search engines; and how to create an audience for their blogs.
dick_blog.jpgBlues impresario and extraordinary music photographer Dick Waterman is blogging about the new B.B. King biography he is writing and about his music-related travels. He’ll be posting new photos on the blog regularly.
Watermen is the author of the widely acclaimed book, “Between Midnight & Day: The Last Unpublished Blues Archive”
betheil_logo.jpgSteve Betheil of is writing Water Secrets Blog about the purification, filtering and the safety issues of bottled water.
Betheil covers, news, studies, events and trends related to water safety worldwide.
Both blogs are integrated into the Websites and I will be writing about how the blogs impact on search engine placement for Waterman and Betheil.
Waterman’s site has been online about a year, and I’ve helped him get top search engine placement in music and blues photography. I’m betting that the blog entries soon will come up as high or higher.
Betheil’s been online since November, and blogging the whole time. His site is just getting into search engines now, and I am starting to register the blog, whose layout and platform were just finalized last week.