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Boomer_Goalie.jpgLaramie Boomerang Stern, the golden retriever who was the constant companion of former NYC Park Commissioner Henry Stern has died at age 13. (That’s Boomer and Stern on the right and Sam’s cousin, Goalie, on the left with Mayor Giuliani.)
The Daily News reports that Boomer died Friday of bone cancer, according to a 1,772-word obituary that Stern sent out yesterday.
He celebrated his birthday – July 18 – in Central Park every year, joined by dozens of other dogs and feted with a parade, birthday cake and biscuits. Stern even trained the dog to bark every time he heard the phrase “Mayor Giuliani.”
Boomer’s Parks name – the nicknames given to more than 10,000 people by Stern during his long tenure at the department – was Wonderdog.
I hope Stern buys him a commemorative plaque on a bench in Central park. Sage the Wonder Dog has one near the Great Lawn.