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money.jpgChris Allison, whom I met on Twitter, IMed me yesterday with the URL of his latest blog post, which explains that he wants to buy Christmas gifts for several people he only knows through social media in order to build authenticity into his relationships them.

Me: hiya – that’s very sweet. i want a pony. :>)
Chris: hahaha
Me: so who’s asked for presents?
Chris: I posted it last night and no one so far. you can learn a lot about people by getting them things
Me: it’s a gift when someone helps other tweeple, when one in 12 tweets is for others, and one for yourself
Me: i think you’ll find that money can’t buy you love. :>)

I don’t want to razz Chris. He’s a nice guy, and I like him. And I think he’d like to jump start his social media brand. But, as I told him, there’s no magic formula, no overnight success. The average overnight Internet success takes years to build and constant work to sustain.
Yes, there’s the occasional viral sensation. But those generally fade quickly as they come. What endures is connection, generosity of spirit, and of course, good content.
And if you DM me I’ll tell you what color pony to get me.