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Dr. Gerard Ackrerman, the noted graphologist featured in the new OfficeMax Tul Pen interactive campaign, made me this personal video response to the phone message I left him.
He apologized for not calling back as his site promises, and asked me to email him a sample of my handwriting so he could do a personal analysis.

In the message I reminded him that I am an alumnus of Pfingsten College, the college he lists on his CV. So he says he remembers me doing the savoy lindy hop up and down the halls at all hours at our alma mater, which shows that someone bothered to read enough about me to know I love to Lindy Hop.

"I wouldn’t want this to get out," he says "but some of the analyses are being done in India, and I want to "do right by you" because I always felt bad about the way things ended between us. And "Go Troubadors!"

Someone over there has a sense of humor that had me laughing out loud. I take back all the bad things I said about your campaign. :>) 


In a separate email, he tells me

“It also seems you have had the pleasure of interacting with a PR representative from campaign. I actually performed an analysis on him that showed him to be extremely overzealous in nature, and quite a go-getter in his occupation. He also seems to have a propensity for telling people things are funny, when in fact that is not at all the case. My analysis is meant to be informative and I apologize for a confusion on his part. I take graphology very seriously, as I hope you can tell from my list of credentials” Touche!

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