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dinah_shore.jpgThis morning, while wandering through Central Park with Sam, a song worm came into my head. It was, of all things, Dinah Shore singing “See the USA in your Chevrolet! America’s the greatest land of all.”
I last heard Dinah Shore sing that song about 40 years ago. What made it come back today? I can hardly remember what I ate for lunch.
Why would an ad slogan be so permanent? What else is lurking in my brain? Could I one day remember and start speaking Russian and Polish, the languages I heard in my grandparents’ homes as a child? I certainly find that I can sing along to rock songs on Oldies stations even if I last heard them when I was 12. Yet I couldn’t recite most of the lyrics from memory.
Kids in New York City will be seeing Snapple, the City’s official soft drink, in machines in their schools throughout their formative years. Will that make them more responsive to Snapple commercials? What will the long-term marketing impact be? Will they have warm fuzzy feelings about Snapple and want to give it to their grandchildren?
Only time will tell.