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dell_china.jpgBetter late than never. The Direct2Dell blog has posted an enlightened response to the China Dell Hell issue, aka Processor Gate. that hit blogs and mainstream media in June.
Dell blames the problem on a failure to update marketing materials in China, which seems like a pretty dim mistake. But their response — though delayed — is spot on:

“… here are the steps we have taken:
* We have acknowledged the issue, and we have corrected the error in all materials.
* We have directly apologized to Dell China customers who were affected, and also informed them of the difference between the two processors.
* For customers who were not satisfied with these actions, we offered full refunds for returned T2300E-based systems.

Dell is most definitely making progress. If they can add timeliness to the formula, and — most importantly — prove that they’ll do what they promise, they’ll surely begin to win customer confidence.