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Two posts on the Dell one2one blog have noted that they think I am very pleased and satisfied that someone from Dell called me to say they wanted to resolve the Dell technical support issues I’ve had. Yet, as much as I’d love to be convinced that Dell means what it says, that sure hasn’t happened.
Helloooooo Dell, the “resolution” guy called me twice. He offered to cut me a check for $70 to pay me back for the software your clueless customer service person, whose first language wasn’t English, made me buy instead of sending someone to fix my defective DVD drive.
What I said in my post about your phone call, besides that it was a nice gesture, is:

Dell is becoming painfully aware that customers believe other customers. They care what a company does, not what it says.

Not aware enough, apparently. I told the guy this isn’t about money And if it was, $70 sure wouldn’t be the amount. Your tech support wasted two days of my $250 an hour time, aggravated the hell out of me, and effectively shut down my business which relies on your Dell desktop.
Customer satisfaction is about service. About getting what you pay for. About knowing that the Gold next day on site serviice contract you buy actually provides next day on site service.
And guess what? Mr Customer Service Resolution has not been heard from again.
So Dell, stop saying that I am thrilled with these phone calls. Because, like your blog, they are nothing but a PR ploy and, in case you haven’t heard, that kind of stuff doesn’t work anymore. Customers are in charge these days. This one bought a Lenovo laptop.

You want me to buy a Dell? You have to convince me that you’d stand behind it. That has yet to happen.
Here’s the comment I left on the Dell blog today. Let’s see if it runs:

You can stop linking to my post and saying that I was satisfied with your outreach. Mr Outreach called me twice. He said he’d think of a way to make up to me the torture Dell customer service put me through before they honored my Gold contract.
And then he never came back. That’s not service folks, that’s a PR game.
It’s what you DO that counts, not what you say. So far, ain’t nothin happened to resolve my complaint.
B.L. Ochman