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dell_name_change.jpgThis really ugly logo heralds the name change of the Dell one2one blog. Its new name is Direct2Dell. Brilliantly, the blog post about the name change linked to the porn site, one2one, that had the same name and that their very clever agency hadn’t known enough to check out before registering the name and launching the blog. So now they sent a ton of traffic to the porn site. Oy vey.
I want to like Dell’s blog. I really do. But they keep compounding their cluelessness. Somebody over there needs to drink less coffee. Or maybe they need more coffee.
Or maybe they need to start paying actual real live bloggers for advice on the best way to do a corporate blog that will gain respect rather than derision.
This blog isn’t for practice. It’s for all the marbles Dell. You must rise to the occasion or you’ll soon be a Daily Show skit.