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norton.pngSymantec is in the midst of launching Norton Today, a new wannabe cool “social media” site for Norton internet security products which – doh! – you don’t seem to be able to buy without going to ANOTHER SITE!
Dear Symantec: You need a tab for your products on the Norton Today nav bar at the top of the page and the side and bottom too.
But what really counts is service. Perhaps you plan to bring yours back from India? Or make your renewals actually work through your site instead of forcing customers to call India? Maybe now your software won’t freeze computers or hog their memory? And will you also promise that you’ll will never again infect millions of computers with viruses and blame it on someone else?
Symantec has made forays into potential coolness before, but its service has continued to suck. That’s a deal breaker.
Social media isn’t just about being cool. Before you can use social media effectively, you need to deliver on your promises, make products that do what they say they will, and provide good service. Then you’ll actually be one of the cool companies and people will want to interact with your company. Posted by B.L. Ochman.