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dog.pngThe first lawsuit has been launched against Menu Brands, the company who has recalled 95 brands of tainted dog and cat food. CBS News and others reported that the company knew about the problem weeks before it announced the recall, despite the fact that pets were dying.
Where is the human face of Menu Brands?
Where’s the Menu blog? Where are the officers of the company? Where are the signs in all stores saying that they are taking steps to make sure this never happens again?
O’Dwyer PR (sub required) reports that Menu has hired a PR firm. “Sam Bornstein, a veteran public affairs exec for National (PR) in Toronto and sister firm Cohn & Wolfe/Canada, is handling the Menu Foods account. He has not yet returned a call.”
The issue is going to turn out to be the lack of quality control in the pet food industry. Royal Cainin, another huge supplier of branded pet foods, issued a statement yesterday saying that, after having their own recall. Menu has yet to say anything about how they plan to prevent similar problems in the future. They claim they don’t even know what went wrong.
PETA claims, in a letter to Proctor & Gamble, who make Iams, that Menu knew of the problem as early as February 20th, and that several of the animals who died were actually fed the tainted food by Menu to determine its effects — even though non-animal testing methods are available!
The real question is why all incoming ingredients and outgoing products at Menu’s plants weren’t tested adequately, since 80 MILLION tainted pouches and cans were involved. If the problem is wheat gluten, then it relates to mold, and they could test for mold BEFORE they put the gluten into the products.

Menu is doing a rotten job of keeping its site from going down. And nine out of 10 news articles say that they couldn’t reach the company for comment. Inexcuseable. You hire more people. You get more phone lines. You get more bandwidth. You don’t ignore people whose family members you are killing.
And if you think cats and dogs aren’t considered family members by millions of people, think again. The deaths we’re hearing about are just the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words.
Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle Puppy eats raw food, supplemented with Solid Gold Wolf King dry food. It does not contain wheat gluten, which is a lousy source of protein in any case.
My cat, Noni, eats Wellness canned food, which contains no grains. I would take the cat off commercial food, but the protein, fat, vitamin/mineral balance for cats has to be more accurate than for dogs, who’ll pretty much eat anything that doesn’t try to eat them.