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Blogs and traditional media are an uneasy partnership, but one that grows stronger all the time. And that makes the Chicago Tribune’s recent rash of articles about blogging all the more interesting.
Wednesday: The Tribune: adds to the chorus of blog bashing, blogs are dead or dying articles which are propogating at a rapid clip, with, “Bloggy We Hardly Knew Ye”, which notes that blog readership is down, but rather grudgingly concludes,

“… blogging has a future, however indefinite. At least till Al Gore invents the Next Big Thing.”

Thursday, Trib columnist Eric Zorn Post this: Reports of ‘Bloggy’s’ demise highly exaggerated:

“It wasn’t exactly “Dewey defeats Truman,” but the cute valedictory “Bloggy, we hardly knew ye” in a headline atop a Tribune editorial Wednesday seems likely to take a place in history alongside such clouded crystal-ball pronouncements as “Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” “Radio has no future” and “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable….it’s definite. “Bloggy” is here to stay.”

My favorite reader comment on this article:
AD 2020: “Daddy, what’s a newspaper?”
And hey, at least neither column included the obligatory MSM line, bloggers aren’t journalists.

The Trib has had a lot of blog coverage lately. Just last week, I was quoted in Pinstripes Invade the Blogosphere, an article by Greg Burns about corporate blogging, which also quotes Pete Blackshaw of intelliseek.
The only quote of mine Burns chose to use was one in which I said “I’m 1,000 percent sure the GM blog wasn’t all written by Bob Lutz.” Lutz, of course, said he writes every word. (Yes, and I am Queen Elizabeth.)
Like many big circ papers, the Trib site, as Zorns notes, “is now a veritable Blogoslovakia.” About a dozen of the paper’s reporters and columnists are now blogging, and articles allow readers comments and show trackbacks.
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