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Obama_Chia.pngGlobal Obamamania reached the bottom of the ladder with the Chia Obama. It’s not funny. It’s a racist, stupid ploy. is selling them. Bad decision.
Remember High school? There was always one kid who went over the line when everyone was fooling around. One jerk who’d get into ugly territory and wonder why other people were appalled. That’s person grew up, and invented the Obama chia pet.
I don’t have a problem with people making money on Obama souvenirs. Lots of people are really happy about the new administration, including me. People feel like they’re getting a little piece of history when they buy something with Obama’s picture on it. I bought t-shirts, stickers, and buttons with Obama’s picture on them.
My new custom t-shirt company for pet lovers,, got in on the Obama fever by letting people super-impose a photo of their pet into an Obama family photo and send it as a free e-card that’s gone viral. We gave a lot of people a laugh and a souvenir, and thousands of pet lovers are still sending them.
Enterprising entrepreneurs worldwide are selling – and people are snapping up – Obama throw blankets, t-shirts, Barack Obama flip flops, Yes We Can underwear, and lots of other wacky goods. But funny, silly or serious, those aren’t racist, or mean. The Obama chia pet is. FAIL.