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Nice to know that officials in Canada would take the time to respond to bloggers’ concerns for David Koch, still missing on a mountain there.
UPDATE 6:12 PM: I have received the following message via email:
The search is ramping up today, and I understand they will be starting a grid pattern search. Search and rescue workers are coming in from other areas to help as well. They are not giving up.
Jennifer Anderson, CA for
Daniel Jarvis, MLA
North Vancouver-Seymour
The Milwaukee Journal (Koch is from Wisconsin) reports that organizers are arranging for additional volunteers – from as far as 200 miles away – to bulk up the search crews this weekend in what MacAdam said will be a “blitz of searching.”

Koch family spokeswoman Christine Finerty Brazell said Thursday from British Columbia, “I don’t think anyone that hasn’t been here could really understand the extremes they’ve gone to to find Dave.”
Donations can be dropped off at any Guaranty Bank branch in Wisconsin or sent by mail to Guaranty Bank, 2205 N. Calhoun Road, Brookfield, WI 53045. Checks should be payable to the David Koch Rescue Fund.