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second_life.jpgI had to take Second Life off my computer. And just when my 9 year-old nephew, who has the geek gene that I lack, showed me how to get my avatar around Second Life’s virtual world.
The enormous program’s most recent update crashed my computer. Starting up was taking more than five minutes. The computer was re-starting itself. It was refusing to shut down. By now I know that when you have a problem you re-trace your steps: what did you add or change most recently? And the answer was Second Life. Until there’s a way to get Second Life’s virtual world without an enormous download, don’t expect much marketing madness to go on over there.
Along comes Cyworld, the Korean virtual world import recently launched in the United States, that many observers think will give MySpace a run for its money.
My guess is that it’s more likely to become a g-rated version of Second Life, and soon be the target of companies marketing to the lucrative pre-teen and young teen market.
As Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal pointed out, SK Telecom, the creators of Cyworld are also the creators of Helio, the mobile MySpace application. They seek nothing less than global domination. Stay tuned.