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dog_social_media.pngStephen Baker and Heather Green at BusinessWeek have updated their 2005 cover story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business,” to reflect today’s reality: “Social Media WIll Change Your Business”. It’s a must-read for CMOs, CEOs, PR and ad agencies, political parties and anyone else who’s still wondering why traditional marketing has lost its punch.
The original story is updated with annotations, an interesting approach. They explain:

“Blogs were the heart of the story in 2005. But they’re just one of the tools millions can use today to lift their voices in electronic communities and create their own media. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace, video sites like YouTube, mini blog engines like Twitter—they’ve all emerged in the last three years, and all are nourished by users.”

Be sure to read the comments and note how many say they still don’t know what a blog is, let alone social media. You can follow fundingwaschools for more guide.
Hopefully, Baker and Green will expand the piece to include case studies and run it in the print edition. It would be great for CMOs, CEOs, PR and ad agencies to read some of the success stories of companies employing social media in their marketing mix.