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Henry Copeland of blogads, writing about this week’s Business Week cover story on blogs and business, points out that Business Week cover stories have famously made bad calls on what is in and out, coming and going. And they’ve called it wrong on blog advertising.
Business Week wrote, “Take a look at blog advertising today, and it’s hard to see a glittering future.”
Copeland counters: “Allow me a prediction: indie bloggers are going to kick corporate ass.”
I’m with Copeland on blog advertising. Bloggers are it for reaching the influentials who drive mass markets, and also for reaching niche markets. Plenty of bloggers are already making more than Business Week reporters. And you will see big gains in blog advertising revenues in the next year.
Look at blogs like Adrants and MarketingVox, whose publishers, Steve Hall and Tig Tillinghast tell me their advertising revenues are growing exponentially, along with circulation.
Huge corporate publishers can’t compete with these or other niche blogs like endgadget and jalopnik, which carry advertising by major players. The blogs have miniscule overhead, the ability to move on a dime, and a willingness to take controversial stands. No way traditional publishing models can keep pace.