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booBox.pngLike it or not, a lot of us bloggers make a living blogging. My blog brings me big-time consulting assignments on a regular basis, sells my reports (updates coming soon,) and provides revenue from ads.
Brazil-based Boo Box is about to launch a set of tools that will allow bloggers to sell items they write about. Let’s say I write about my new iPod, and I happen to love it. I could make money if my readers thought they’d want one too. So a little box would come up over the name or photo of the iPod with links to amazon or another site where you could buy it.
As TechCrunch points out, conflicts of interest could be an issue with sites discussing/reviewing and taking a cut of sales. But mainstream sites including CNET already have links to purchase items in their reviews. Boo Box would make it simple and user-friendly for blog readers to buy products.
I think it’s a cool idea, as long as bloggers behave ethically with this tool. And Boo Box will need to make sure there is secure checkout.