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Kevin Maney writes in USA Today that blogs are so over-hyped that the bubble is sure to burst. And I hope that happens soon so we can get on with accepting blogs as a very useful content management tool that allows anyone with something to say a way to say it online. However, only those who have something to say that anyone else would want to hear and comment about are going to build an audience and still be around in a year.
Maney says “…let’s create an Alice in Wonderland moment: I’m writing about reading about my columns in blogs, which bloggers will inevitably post. So now, I’ll be able to read a blog about my writing about me reading about my writing in blogs.”
Let’s create another rabbit hole moment: All the “me too” blogs, “look at me, look at me” blogs, the “I better blog because everyone else is blogging” blogs and the fake blogs and cow blogs will go away and what will be left is the 20% of the 10 million current bloggers who actually can sustain daily journalism over time.