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sourgrapes.pngYesterday, Steven Hodson complained that a majority of A-list blogs run advertising. And therefore, he says, the A-list bloggers who’ve explained that they blog for the love of it, are mis-representing their true motives.
Today, Hodson’s complaining that Steve Rubel mis-represented his “The A-List dirty little secret” post.
The other day he was whining about how he’s been blogging for 8 whole months and he’s not an A-ist blogger yet.
Spending time reading Hodson’s blog, WinExtra, suggests he might consider renaming it “Sour Grapes Blog” or perhaps “The Whiner”, both of which are available.
The real secrets of A-list blogging
Many top bloggers have been blogging daily for years. It takes time to build an audience. And it takes:
– dedication
– a love of writing
– a love of conversation
– a desire to join a global conversation that includes a number of fascinating people,
– generosity in the form of linking to and crediting others,
– loving to participate in the blogosphere,
– and, yes, money. (Don’t know about your landlord Steven, but mines only takes cash or checks.)
Notice that the word love shows up several times in that list. Hugh Macleod nailed it, as usual, when he said about blogging, “Love, respect, trust and goodwill are the main currencies. ”
The coolest thing about blogging is that someone with something really interesting to say, a skillful way of expressing his/herself, and the willingness to work at it, still can rocket into our collective awareness.
Love and Money
I believe that most people understand that content has to be supported in one way or another. Some bloggers, like Rubel and Scoble, have jobs. Others, like me, are independent, and trade paid vacations, benefits and a steady paycheck for creative freedom and a lifestyle we mold ourselves.
Either way, there’s both love and money involved when one puts hours every day into trying to produce content others will want to read.
By the way Steven, Ruby is adorable! I bet she knows how to make friends.
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