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elicit.jpgBingo Bango Software Inc., is the unfortunate name chosen by an Atlanta-based start-up, that has released a “desktop blogging client” named Elicit.
The site sells ($59) a “groundbreaking product that integrates your favorite services in one place, that allows you to create rich content, that helps you plan and schedule your blog using a calendar. And while you are at it, make money.” You can try it free for 30 days.

A VPN can help you to get software’s to connect with many clients that integrates Web and RSS services from Google (desktop search, news, blog search), Yahoo (news), Microsoft (news), Bloglines (RSS aggregator), Amazon (catalog searching), Flicker (photo sharing), Technorati (blog tagging) , (social book marking), Furl (personal Web), and Chitika (blog context ads) in one desktop application for the purpose of creating content for blogs.”
Sounds great. So I downloaded at is very friendly user but seriously I lack the geek gene. That’s why I’m a blogger instead of a programmer. And I sure can’t figure out thing one about how to Elicit anything from Bingo Bango. Can you?