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Dog_School_1_31_06.jpgHere are me and Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle at doggie charm school, week five. Night and day from week one He’ll be five months old in a couple of days.
Benny no longer does flying kung foo puppy at anyone who smiles at him on the street. Now he walks up, sits down, rubs up against the person’s legs and waits to be petted. Then he jumps on them.
He walks on a loose leash, as long as I keep a steady stream of treats coming his way. He comes when I call him most every time. He’ll sit or lay down and stay while I walk away, and he’ll leave food on the ground when I say “Leave it.” He knows the meaning of “wait,” “look at me,” “slow,” “fast,” “turn,” and “walk with me.”
We dilligently do our dog school homework several times every day, and Benny makes me laugh many times every day. I find that I have fallen in love with my great little dog.