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benny_sitting2.jpgTonight was my 16 week-old puppy Benny’s first night at doggie charm school. Oy!
There were about 10 puppies, ranging in age from four to six months. The only one who couldn’t sit still while the instructor talked was Benny. He was determined to play with the other dogs and he was willing to break his neck or my back to get at them.
The other puppies walked on a loose lead, practiced coming when called, sat long enough to eat two treats and learned not to jump on people they want to greet.
Benny pulled on his leash within an inch of his life; barked his little head off; and got so nuts that he couldn’t swallow the hundred or so scrumptuous treats he was offered. So he projectile choked on a few of them and generally worked himself into a froth.
My job for the next week is to reward him for being quiet; recognizing his name; not jumping on people like a flying kung fu puppy, and walking with him on a loose lead. Har!
But we’ll try. He was, of course, so tired from all this carrying on that he was unconscious the minute we got into a cab, and is still out cold. Luckily there ae six more classes. Sigh.