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It’s that time of year that most parents dread… back to school season. The dread usually comes in because of all the extra spending that comes with it. But back to school shopping doesn’t have to break your bank. We have some great tips to follow to make your back to school shopping manageable and a lot less stressful for you!

Whether your kid is in elementary, middle, or high school, you can be sure that there are going to be costs to send them back to school every year. Even as many kids may be returning to school virtually this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some supplies that just can’t be avoided.

While back to school shopping is a necessity, there are plenty of ways to shop smart. Below, we’ve outlined multiple tips to follow to make it a breeze this year, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. Take a look to the latest domtar cougar paper deals.

Check Your Home School Supply Stash
This should be step #1 each and every year before any shopping actually begins. If you’re like most households, you have a stash of school supplies somewhere left over from years prior. Always check your home inventory first and use what you have before buying new.

Create a Budget and Stick to It
The stress of back to school shopping is usually stronger when you spend more than you should. There is nothing wrong with creating a budget for supplies, and in fact, it is encouraged. You create a budget for groceries, bills, and personal items; why should back to school shopping be any different? Once you get your kid’s supply list from their school, decide what is a safe budget to work within and stick to it! The rest of the tips below should be used to make sure you spend as little as possible to help you with this.

Shop Online to Avoid Crowds and Get Special Deals
It can be a real headache dealing with the mob of other back to school shoppers! If you aren’t comfortable with crowds, either in general, or because of the coronavirus, it’s probably best to do your shopping online. This can also score you some online-only deals. Just like you would in-person, shop around online to find the best prices on the supplies you need.

Shop Sales and Use Coupons
You might think this tip is a no-brainer – of course you want to shop sales! But in reality, a lot of people don’t actually do this or use coupons. For most people, it comes down to choosing convenience over cost. If you are out and see what you need, you buy it because you don’t want to go to other stores that might have better prices. But you may regret it later and wish you had just made the extra trip. Plan ahead to help with this. Look online or in store circulars to find upcoming sales and coupons. Compare prices and decide which top store/s you will buy your supplies from. Depending on the sale dates, you might be able to go to each store in one day, or you may have to space your trips out to hit the sales on the dates they’re available.