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benny_noni_talk2.jpgBenny Bix Ochman Labradoodle’s career in film and TV begins. He will star in the CBS Sunday Morning segment about “designer mutts” this Sunday, May 21, between 9 and 10:30 a.m. (That’s Benny talking to his brother, Noni, in the photo.)
We set out to the park as usual this morning, even though it was pouring rain, because eight month-old puppies must have exercise. Otherwise, all day long I’ll be saying “Benny, drop it,” “Benny,Off!”, “Leave IT!” or “Out of there right now!”
And there was the intrepid CBS crew, filming Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, Schnoodles and other assorted Doodle dogs, all doing what they do best: running around crazily chasing eachother and mud wrestling. And let me tell you, too much ain’t enough for these exuberant pups.
Since a well-bred, multi-generation Doodle doesn’t shed and is non-allergic, Poodle mixes are in great demand. I love my Doodle because he’s smart, funny, handsome, and true. Just like my ideal man.