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Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle boy dog and I both had bad hair days when we went to our respective groomers. That’s why he looks like Poof Daddy at the moment. — about the size of a small brown bear (Here’s the before) And I had an encounter with an insane cosmetologist. Oh well, I’ll get it fixed this week. Sigh.
Seems that even though I carefully brush B Bo every day, I wasn’t getting down to the skin and he was matted. The groomer called me and said they needed to shave him naked and then we could start again.
I pleaded with them not to do that, so they spent two hours untangling matts before they felt he was stressed. So I am working dilligently on the knots. On Thursday, he’ll go back, they’ll de-matt some more and then he’ll get a haircut.
They said that shaving the matts would be very painful for him and they didn’t want to hurt him. Poor B Bo.