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haircut-good1-06_01_7.jpgThat’s Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle after his haircut at the Tomy Maugeri Dog Salon in Manhattan. People have said he looks like a lamb, a poodle (nah!), Portugese Water Dog, (nah again) and a stuffed animal. Funny, because (before) early this morning in Central Park, I was told he looked like a lowland gorilla, a teddy bear, and a brown bear cub. I think he looks rather noble, and can’t believe how soft his fur feels.haircut_down1_06_01_6.jpg
Benny got his new “do” from Tomy himself, who told me that almost all of his new business comes through his website, where you can make an online appointment and even watch your pup being groomed on the web cam.
Tomy said he doesn’t even take out a Yellow Pages ad anymore because nobody looks there. I found him by referral from a friend, but I also looked online, and would have been a little wary if he didn’t have a website. But I also didn’t want the site to be too slick. I think the one he has is just right for a local business — friendly, a little hokey, and with all the information I needed.