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googleearad.pngThere is a great earmuff shortage in the Northeast. You simply can’t buy a traditional pair of earmuffs anywhere. Everybody’s selling 180s, and I just don’t like them. Neither does my sister. So we started searching for the traditional kind of earmuffs online. We found them, natch. And along the way, we witnessed the sorry state of Google Adwords.
For example a search for earmuffs turned up ads for slippers which would be cool if you had really, really big ears; and odor removing respirators. Go figure.
These companies paid for keyword advertising that would respond to the search term “earmuffs.” Most likely, they hired an outside consultant and they don’t pay close attention to what the consultant is doing.
It’s hard to believe that a respirator company really meant to have their link come up in an earmuff search.
Have you checked out where your paid links are showing up? What kind of analytics do you get? Who follows the outcome of your Adword spending? You might want to take a look!