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nano.jpgApple has admitted there are problems with the screen of the new iPod Nano cracking and being easily scratched and inexplicably failing — sometimes within hours of buying the smallest, cheapest iPod.
Listen up Michael Dell, here’s some free advice: Apple is responding to consumer complaints the right way, albeit they’re a little whiny about it. You acknowledge that there is a problem; you say how you will fix it; then you do it. If you do what you say you will, the consumer complaints will go away. Consumer confidence will be restored. Bloggers will shut up.
iPod nano owner Matthew Peterson setup his Web site, (formerly, to share his grievances about his broken iPod nano screen.
Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller said that if customers find they have this problem, all they have to do is contact AppleCare and their iPod will be replaced.